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When I awaken again I will be somewhere else

It will seem so familiar

But it will be different



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I don't want to go to sleep

because it took all day

to feel okay


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.he walks alone
to the last day:s end
.the keeper waits
for him to send

.His eyes have watched
and His ears have heard
.the age:s secrets
writ in word

.and so He sails
to deaths await
.His secrets kept
till final days

.alas He stands
atop the hill
.we never know Him
but us_ He will


00 667 121

i feel suspended.
Im not tired but I’m exhausted
my eyes close for a moment but are yanked wide open by something inside me
something that just wants to be awake
like there was something i needed to do that could not allow me to fall unconscious
my muscles feel tense, like wire running down my veins pulled just slightly taught.
like the gentlest puppet master, not wanting to control me, but to lead me somewhere. to do something
i don’t want to move but i want to run
i want to scream
i want it to stop
i just want to go to sleep

i just want to go to sleep


00 666 304

Amidst our presence, time stood still,
Where ruins reigned on land and hill.
Nothing endured, a barren sight,
Save our own creations in fading light.

From depths within our sacred Earth,
New forms emerged, rebirthed in mirth.
Yet naught remains untouched, unscathed,
As transformation weaves its path, engraved.

To shield us from our own despair,
We hid within, a fervent prayer.
In every crevice, secret grand,
Guardians concealed, at Heaven's command.

Yet Heaven, veiled in enigmatic guise,
Defies our grasp, eludes our cries.
In yearning hearts, a whispered plea,
"Heaven, no," resounds through eternity.


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